Hot & Strong Lock-n-Load Java

Lock-n-Load Java is a vet owned and operated company dedicated to our military, our veterans, and those who support them. They were founded in 2010 by LTC(R) Carl Churchill, a combat veteran with 21 years of service as both an enlisted soldier and officer.

From the start, Carl wanted to create a different kind of company guided by the principles he lived by… work hard, do good, give back, and make it fun. In founding Lock-n-Load Java, he committed to organizing and running the company based on the experiences that a lifetime of service leadership in the military taught him… while ensuring the fun and camaraderie he experienced in the military remained a core part of the company as well.

Lock-n-Load Java works hard to provide the best quality and best tasting coffee for your drinking pleasure. From the farming sources of the coffee beans, to the precise roasting and packaging, to the delivery to your front door – everything we do is to give you the opportunity to drink coffee that will blow you away.

Lock-n-Load Java has a signature smooth, great tasting premium coffee in a variety of taste profiles so you can choose the one that you love or mix and match!

Their coffee is available in Whole Bean, Drip Grind and Grind for K-Cup (because you know warriors can’t survive without their Keurigs! lol).

You can also snag some cool Lock-n-Load Java gear including a French Press, waterbottle, patches, and of course an awesome assortment of coffee mugs! Don’t forget apparel! They have that also!

So, if you LIKE your coffee like you like your military guy (or girl!) – hot and strong of course – then you NEED to check out Lock-n-Load Java!

Find ’em on Facebook too!

Ps. This is not a paid post – I’m just sharing an awesome military based company!

Pps. As I had their website open – my daughter was pointing at photos saying “Daddy? Daddy?” – she’s 19 months old 🙂

Coffee! Coffee!

I’m trying to get my ass in gear and get packing. So far all I’ve done is sit on the couch and drink coffee. I’ve written a review and trolled Tumblr for American Horror Story fanfic. I mean, I snuggled the baby too – that counts, right?

My plan for today is to clean out the van and move some ‘already packed’ boxes into it so that I can take them to the storage unit later today. We are supposed to get the keys to our new (rented) house on the 19th. We have to be out of this (rental) house (as per our douchebag landlord’s request) by the 30th.

This should be fun – eh?