Merry Creepy Christmas

Children of the Victorian Era had to be tough, because this Santa Claus would have given me nightmares! This picture is a detail of a larger family portrait from Flickr user stevechasmar.

Planning My Hawaiian Holiday Season

I’ve never lived in a place where I can still wear tank tops or sleeveless dresses at the end of November. Now, I do – well, except for today because I could do with a sweater or something because it’s pretty windy out today. It’s not *quite* 80 degrees here today. I heard from a friend that it dipped into the 20’s recently back in Virginia. Scarves, hats and jackets are normal for this time of year. Strapless dresses are not.

This year – I’m not dreaming of a “white” Christmas – that is, unless it’s a “white” sandy beach!

I’m getting so many beautiful ideas from – of coursePinterest!

I’ve already decided to take the kids on a hunt for shells/ seaglass/ etc. so we can make some pretty Beach-inspired ornaments. There aren’t many “big” shells here on Oahu, but there are certainly small (“puka”) shells to be found!

Another item I’ve been on the hunt for has been strands of ‘star’ shaped Christmas lights! I don’t know why – but I’m a little obsessed with them.

I’m planning on having our family photo taken on the beach – with red ‘Hawaiian’ inspired attire of course! This is our first Christmas here in Hawaii so I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth! The beach portrait will be our family Holiday card this year. Sure, it’s lame and “touristy” – but hey – I’ve always been one to let my nerd-flag fly high!

What are your plans for your holiday decor? Where are you getting your inspiration from?

Happy Holidays From Christine

I’m a new member of a wonderful group of ladies – the SITS girls! SITS stands for the Secret is in the Sauce and is a great blogger comments support group! You can’t ‘succeed’ as a blogger with no readers, right? Well – SITS is doing their annual SITSmas event and I wanted to share our family Christmas card with all of my wonderful readers!!

Our Christmas card this year features Xander (our almost-five year old) cuddling with Santa at our local mall. No Santa-fear with this kid! He runs right up to Santa and gives him a big hug! That’s just one of the things I love about this kid – he’s a great hugger!

2009 Holiday Card

Xander has asked Santa for about a thousand things this Christmas – I hope to give him as much as I can but also teach him that Christmas is more about ‘giving’ than ‘receiving’ – therefore we will be participating in a couple different things. Xander’s preschool is collecting toys for Toys for Tots and our command (hubby is in the Navy) collects for and donates to command members who need a little extra help!

So – to all of my readers (especially my special visitors from SITS!) Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Chag Urim Sameach, Merry Yule and Happy Kwanzaa!

May there be PEACE on Earth and good will towards all!

Merry SITSmas!!

Ps. Sears is doing there Heroes at Home Gift Registry again this year – want to help out a military family?

Pps. Wanna see a super-cute video? Click for a giggle!

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Holiday Planning … Already?


There is a cool, crisp feeling in the air on this first official day of Autumn (at least – here in the USA!) The neighbors are beginning to decorate for Halloween and I see pumpkins are already for sale at some stores and the local farms. So what does that mean? It’s time to start planning for … Christmas? Hanukkah? Yule?

Holiday cards are usually sent out shortly after Thanksgiving – and seeing that Thanksgiving is 64 days away (as of this posting) that makes Christmas and Kwanzaa only 93 days away and Hanukkah only 79 days away (again, as of this posting).

That is less than 100 days people! Why not make the whole holiday cards thing easy on yourself and plan them early? That way – you can get the order in and receive them with plenty of time to mail them to everyone on your list. Less to worry about I think!

I’m personally thinking ‘snowmen’ this year. We ordered some photo cards last year and they came out beautiful though – very ‘non religious’ which I like. We’ve got both Jews and Christian’s that we send holiday greetings to. This year I am even adding a Pagan or two to the mix. So I need cards that are versatile.

How about you? What kind of holiday cards do you like to send?