Trying My Hand at Affiliate Marketing

So – I’ve been doing my homework here. I’ve read some eBooks, chatted with my awesome affiliate marketing friends (although there are a couple more I need to pick the brains of) and have decided to try to make an affiliate website/blog. I’ve been working on a military weddings website and am slowly adding some pre-written PLR content alongside content that I’ve written. I will be adding in a store along with some local and e-businesses that I’ve used or have been used by friends of mine.

Really niche-y you know? Hopefully it goes well and I will keep you all posted. I am in desperate need of some ‘residual’ income!

But – for those marketing types that read this blog – what WordPress template do you recommend? I like things that I can tweak and add my own graphics to – but I want to be able to easily ad affiliate links and Adsense to the website.

What was the very first thing you did when you decided to start your own affiliate website?

“Share on Twitter” Rocks! #AMZNSOT

Awesome news for Associates (aka “Affiliates”) – the cool Site Strip just got even cooler! Amazon now provides a super easy way to share your finds (and affiliate links) on Twitter with “Share on Twitter.” You can access Share on Twitter from the Site Stripe and post to your Twitter account from Amazon detail pages in just two clicks.


The Share on Twitter feature is easy to use. Simply log in to your Amazon Associates account and then visit any detail page on By clicking on the Share on Twitter button in the Site Stripe, a new window will open and an Amazon-generated message is pre populated in the ‘What are you doing?’ text area of your Twitter account (you may be asked to log in to your Twitter account). That message will include a shortened URL that already includes your Associates ID. You’ll have the option to edit this message or simply hit the ‘Update’ button to post to your Twitter account. When Twitter users click on the link in your post and make a qualifying sale, you’ll earn referral fees. That’s it!

I’ve personally been waiting for this to happen – I love posting reviews on products and linking to Amazon. It’s a great way to earn a little extra money while doing something I do anyway (which is share my opinion of course!) I’m SO glad Amazon’s made it that much easier!