Oops! I Forgot to Eat (Again)

Does anyone take Adderall and forget to eat or just not have any desire to eat? Like, I’ll be sitting on the couch or doing my house-wifely duties and I’ll be HUNGRY but when I go to eat I’m all like “meh, nothing interesting.” I have to keep the house stocked with food that a 5 year old could prepare because that’s my attention span when it comes to food during the day.

When dinner rolls around, most days I’m like “let’s prepare something wonderful” because I enjoy cooking … for my husband … and my son who will eat anything … not my daughter though because she’s hella picky. But, when I have to prep food for the kids and I – we all end up eating like, well, like kids.

Today was one of those days – I made PB&J for the kids and I didn’t make myself anything because I just didn’t think about it. Then, a couple hours later when I was STARVING – I finally grabbed some tuna from yesterday and some crackers. All good now.

Step One – Primary Care Provider Visit

Today I took my 9 year old to his “Primary Care Provider” to speak with her about getting his ADHD diagnosed and getting him on meds. I told her what we had been doing thus far to keep him on-task and focused and what wasn’t working and what was working. The last time we saw a doctor about Xander’s ADHD, the Doc looked at me like I was a crazy mom who just wanted to drug her kid into submission – sooooo not true. I just see a lot of ME in him and want him to be able to function like a normal(ish) person.

But I digress. This doctor seemed to be listening but would interrupt me every so often and not let me finish my thought. I have ADD – I can be long winded, I know, but let me finish a damn sentence! She made some notes and then told me that he had to be seen by the ADHD Clinic at the local big military hospital. Okay, fine, works for me since I’d love to speak with someone who knows what they are doing (hopefully). She told me that they would call within 10-12 days so I asked her “what if they don’t call?” and she looked surprised. Yes lady, I know how you military docs work ….

She garbled something about them maybe not calling if they don’t think he needs to be seen – if the doctor doesn’t think he needs to be seen. I said “but you’re the Doctor” and she responded with, a confused “I guess you can call them in two weeks if they don’t call you.”

I might be reading into things wrong, but, that sounds to ME as if she (the doctor) doesn’t think he needs to be seen by the ADHD Clinic and will put that in her notes? Every time I mentioned having done the research on some of the medications available she told me that “we don’t want to jump to medicine” and that “there are classes he can take” … Okay? Classes that he won’t be able to focus on because his mind is elsewhere? I live with this child every day and I see how he ticks. I’ve spoken with his teacher on a number of occasions and she sees how he ticks. So, I am a little unnerved and irritated by the idea of not being able to speak to an ADHD/ADD person because the doctor had a 10 minute visit with Xander and I and deemed him “just a normal 9 year old boy.”

I will wait out the two weeks, then I’m going to be up their asses finding out what my next step is.

This Explains a Lot

Got this from Tumblr. I always find my favorite things on there. Or Pinterest …

Oh gosh … the Disney Tarzan movie just came on the television … I’m so not interested …

Hey Macarena!

On Keeping it Together

I’ve realized (yet again) that I cannot keep up with the pace that I’ve set for my life. I can’t do everything which in turn makes me not want to do anything. I took a Zoloft this morning due to the fact that I felt the need to strangle someone (anyone) and remembered that I hadn’t taken any for the past couple days. I also keep forgetting to take my Adderall which makes me not able to keep any focus. Today alone I’ve jumped from five different things in the span of ten minutes. I don’t think any of it actually got finished either.

I hate not being able to function. It makes me sad, it makes me angry too. Most of all it makes me useless (as several of my friends and clients could tell you). Will someone PLEASE get me organized? I need help … and I need $$$ so I really need to get on the ball.