Stupid People R Funny!

For the most part “reality” television bugs the hell out of me. I will watch (and enjoy) American Idol (as all of you on Twitter know!) and I will occasionally get sucked into complete mind-fluff like “Rock of Love” with Brett Michaels (because … Brett Michaels is hella hot for an old, balding dude!)

One station that I do get a huge kick out of is truTV because it’s actually ‘reality’ – I mean, who the heck would SCRIPT someone riding on a giant seesaw apparatus and back-flipping onto the hard ground (missing where they were supposed land of course). I mean – who would script that OTHER than Johnny Knoxville? TruTV has another fun show that I like to watch (and laugh at) called “Speeders.” Basically, the whole show is people getting pulled over by cops for speeding and nine times out of ten trying to come up with some lame excuse for their speeding. I’m seriously all for watching idiotic people work their magic on the screen!

Any of my readers familiar with The Smoking Gun? I love visiting that site and getting all the juicy mug-shots of celebrities (and local Tampa stripper-prostitutes!). Well – The Smoking Gun has their very own show on TruTV and it’s a HOOT! The Smoking Gun Presents features ‘celebrity’ (and I use that term loosely for some of them) commentators including Danny “Small, Red-headed and Psycho” Bonaduce, Todd “Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout” Bridges, Tonya “Knee-Basher” Harding and Dustin “Watch My Sextape & Save My House” Diamond!

Here’s a clip featuring some awesome street lugers who, as expected, have some issues with turning (and … you know … stopping):

You can check out more truTV video here.


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