Still Coughing

After two weeks I am still coughing (and peeing – geeze I LOVE being a girl!) … Will this cold ever go away? Sometimes I think of moving to someplace with hot temperatures and dry heat – like Arizona – but then I remember that my husband would never get orders there and that we’d need Arizona auto insurance and that’s just a huge hassle.

So – here I stay and here I cough.

Xander and I went to a playdate this morning at Chick Fil Ay. He got to play and color an ornament for our tree and I got to hang out with friends (including Erica)! It’s nice to see my homies – I haven’t been getting out much due to school. I also got some much needed Christmas shopping done.

Hubby and Xander put up the outside lights also this afternoon! So it appears that we are festive – although with the rate my kid keeps telling me what he wants I might just cancel the gift giving part. Three year olds suck.

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