Spring! Spring!

Rock Fountain and Wind

Well, it’s still COLD – so it can’t be too “Spring” yet! Although, when Xander and I hit the Norfolk Botanical Gardens yesterday – even though there was a chill in the air, there were plenty of flowers to see and plenty of critters to say hello to! We had a good time and took a LOT of photos!

We missed seeing our friends there – we must have crossed paths and not realized it – but, we explored at least half of the gardens. We even got to see a few Bald Eagle’s nests up in the trees!

Admission to the area was fair ($7 for me, $5 for Xander) but I think it will be much nicer closer to summertime when there are more flowers (and butterflies!)

Hello Bumblebee!
We did see bumble bees though! Bumble bees are too cool! I didn’t get a great shot of him because my camera sucks, but you can see him.

I ADORE springtime. It’s my favorite time of year! (Okay, I think I say that about Autumn also – lol). I just love warm weather and flowers. I plan on working on a garden this year because even the Farmer’s Markets’ prices are TOO HIGH! Anyway. Seriously, with what’s been going on in my life lately (in my head?) – I’m glad to see it’s SPRING making me happy so I don’t have to join a wine club!


  1. What, no mildisc? Or was THAT the mildisc?

    I love asking…I especially love when someplace unexpected offers a discount. We have a great place to eat, McAllister’s Deli, and they offer at 10% discount…and Goody’s offers 15%, even after clearances and stuff…that’s GOOD.

    Of course, our movie theatre does NOT offer a discount…pbbblht. The gardens are pretty, though. Wish it would BLOOM here…I see shoots of things, but nothing BLOOMING!

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  2. What a beautiful picture! 🙂

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