So That’s It Then …

Well, the “Finalists” for Andalucian Idol have been listed. And Tascha isn’t on it. I know why of course, it’s because she’s GOOD and she was consistantly GOOD. She was a threat to the “one” the judges want to win. There are two people on the Finalists list I just plain DO NOT agree on. And one that’s questionable. The questionable one knew she’d be a finalist I think though. She was pretty “intoxicated” at my party on Saturday and was talking about how nervous she was because she had to sing on July 1st (for the Finals). Now, how did she know she was a finalist, they weren’t listed until Monday. The VOTES weren’t tallied until Monday. How’d she know? She works with one of the judges of course … Now, I’m not saying she didn’t put on a good show, it just shows how RIGGED this competition is that’s all. Tascha should’ve been a finalist. PERIOD. But, that’s MWR for you …. RIGGED! RIGGED! RIGGED! RIGGED!

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