So, So Cold

I think we need to get a heater in this living room. Or else, buy some more wood and start the day with a fire because it’s really cold in here!! It’s 28 degrees outside and I already froze my arse off letting the dog out and in, and now I am sitting in the living room, on the couch, with a blanket on my legs. I desperately need to do dishes and since the dishwasher doesn’t want to wash them I have to and in order to do that I have to finish putting away the dishes first. Blah. I asked hubby to do either the putting away or the washing and I know he heard me because he asked me “do you really want me to do them” and I said “yes, please do” and they still didn’t get done. I don’t know why I waited the 2 days I did waiting for him to do them since I know unless I “nag” him he won’t. I try to NOT “nag” him and he doesn’t listen to that. The only time he pays attention is when I am yelling or crying. It’s really ridiculous.

I made Xander some oatmeal for breakfast and I’m thinking of making a bowl for me also. Tis the season for oatmeal. I think cranking up the crock pot and making a big batch would be nice also – that Irish Steel Cut stuff I keep hearing about. It’s supposed to be super healthy and taste yum-o!

Okay, so order of business today: warm up, dishes & laundry. It would be nice to get the living room cleaned up and the table cleaned off.

On another note, have you checked out Gamefly yet? I’d never heard of them before, but I was cruising for games on the cheap for my Playstation 2 and my Game Cube (which are the game systems I have) and realized that Gamefly was like Netflix for console gamers. (I also found some Gamefly coupons on CouponChief!) I figured it might be fun to get back into my console games … I’m not buying a new one any time soon.

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