SIRIUS Coupon Codes? Siriusly?

I’ve been a little "bah humbug" about the holidays this year. My main issue is that I’ve been sick and I just began school again and honestly; I’ve got no time for planning gift exchanges. So, I’m all about three things right now – fast, cheap and easy. Coupons are always good when trying to attain the "cheap" gift giving. You can find coupons for almost any company out there and one company that I’ve heard a lot about is SIRIUS Satellite Radio. I have an iPod so I can play whatever music I wanna play on my radio … normally. But, sometimes I forget to update my playlists or I’m getting crazy poor reception on my FM modder. So, when the iPod is being a butthead and there is (as usual) someone talking out their tush on the regular radio – it would be really nice to have another form of "entertainment" whilst driving on the highways (in bumper to bumper traffic).

So, who should you get a subscription to satellite radio for? The commuter who always has to deal with tons o’traffic on their way to work – extra points if they drive through a tunnel because according to a friend of mine who currently has satellite radio you don’t lose reception while in a tunnel. Get it for the audiophile who never has enough music to listen to. How about the "person who has everything" (everyone knows at least one!)

So back to the point – SIRIUS coupon codes – check out the website for some of those.

Oh – if you came to the blog looking for the "other" Sirius – I haven’t seen him either.


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