Shopping Girl

Hubby and I took little man up to MacArthur Center yesterday to meet up with a couple friends. We ate lunch (and cookies) at Max and Erma’s and had a great time. We’d never eaten there before and while the host was a little short (I think he just had his panties in a wad) our server was lovely and the food was excellent!

I hit up the undies sale at American Eagle and got some new skivvies for 8 pairs for $25. They are super comfy! Check out the sale – not sure when it ends. Also went into Payless for some new ballet-flat style shoes. I don’t think I am supposed to wear them though – I can seriously never find the right size. The new ones I bought are a little big on me even and gave me some blisters. I don’t know what brand they were but they were only $7 so it was another cheap buy. The are super cute at least and have little bitty skulls on them. Yes, I’m not really a Manolo Blahnik kinda girl. I can’t walk in heels to save my life. “Florida formal” is nice flip flops with an anklet and/or toe ring – I’m ALL for Florida formal!

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