She’s F**king Obama

Okay, so I’m an Obama supporter – but I HAD TO HAD TO post this! I mean, I cracked up watching the Sarah Silverman video called “I’m F**king Matt Damon” and then I cracked up the reply by Jimmy Kimmel (“I’m F**king Ben Affleck” of course!) so of course my screwed up sense of humor will find the following funny.

I’ve heard from a FEW people that it’s just this crazy fantasy that Hillary and Barack will just start making out during a debate. Of COURSE that will NEVER happen, but it’s a funny thought.

Pure crazyness …

I don’t want this post to turn into a political debate here or there – so if you have zero sense of humor please don’t even bother watching the video m’kay?

Ps. Why do I decide to start diets when all I want to do is eat an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritoes? I mean, damn!


  1. nyuck, nyuck….

    I loved the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck vids…so this was funny…but I sure do wish they’d had her singing, lol!

    I don’t do diets…I just cut everything down. Of course, I don’t keep cool ranch Doritos in my house either…because “SNAP – GONE” yeah…I’m THAT bad too. but for me, it’s OREOS. They do NOT reside in my house.

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  2. because doritos are the devil but their oh so good!

    jenny’s last blog post..‘Tis The Season To Enjoy Some Mommy Time

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