Seriously Child

My son has this ANNOYING habit (one of many) where, when he doesn’t really want to eat something (I’d assume) he shoves the whole darn thing into his mouth so that he can’t chew – then whines and “asks” if he can spit it out (into the trash of course!). He just did it again with his peanut butter sandwich (that he asked for mind you). I made him sit down and told him “CHEW IT!” which he finally is. I had to yell at him a couple times to get him to chew it – and now he’s talking to the television, so he could obviously get it down.

Another great thing he did today was lock the guestroom door then shut it. So, we’re locked out of it. No biggie – because it’s just where I’ve been folding laundry on the bed. It’s a big deal to him though apparently. I asked him to find the little screwdriver (he had it last) and give it to me and he “searched” for only a couple minutes. So, the door isn’t unlocked and won’t be unlocked (much to Xander’s annoyance) until later, when *I* feel like looking for the driver and unlocking it. Probably after I’ve put him to bed for the night. Just because.

He’s been “sassing” less thanks to a tip from a book and a friend. I sprayed vinegar in his mouth after a particularly awful tantrum where he just was mouthing off so I sent him to “time out” which is refused to go to. I kept adding minutes to his time out (we begin at 3) and yet he still refused. I carried him into his room and set him on the bed and left (setting the timer for 6 minutes). I then heard him scream something, open his door and SLAM it closed again. WTF?! SO, I went in there with the spray bottle, said “Alexander – when you disobey and are rude to mommy she gets very sad. You are now going to be punished for being rude and not staying in time out.” To which I had him open his mouth and I sprayed inside (just plain vinegar in like, a little “hairspray” type bottle). He looked at me all bug eyed and sat down and started crying. I left him in his room and only heard him cry for a couple minutes; when I checked on him he had fallen asleep on his train table (it’s empty right now thankfully, lol).

Now since then; all I’ve had to do was THREATEN to spray out his mouth and he’s stopped sassing.


  1. Amazing, that vinegar, isn’t it? I LOVE how it works (and okay…how weird is it that I TYPED the word vinegar and now I SMELL it????)

    My son does the whole “jam food in then try to spit it out” or he gags…I’ve made him spit it out on his plate, then I actually cut it into smaller pieces and make him “re-eat” it…it’s only slightly chewed, lol. He’s not been doing it as much…so it looks like eating ABC food is working on the gag/shove issue!

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