Recovering from Izeafest

It’s been a few days since I left Orly and my Izeafest friends. I’ve had a birthday (I’m officially 27 now! Woot!) and I even got my hubby back from the kingdom of FAR FAR AWAY! How is it that I am still exhausted? I learned SO much from everyone there (good and bad) and made some awesome new friends and connections. I’m so happy that I went and I have no regrets (only maybe to have charged my phone before the Izeahunt, lol). I will be there next year will bells on (and fully expecting to meet Julie and Skeet dammit! LOL) I was happy to meet Lisa, Drew, Allison, Heather (and Heather’s daughter Crystal) and spend time (and lunch!) with them. I also enjoyed meeting Colleen, Cass, Marisa, Debbie, Jill and Alli. I was thrilled to meet tons of people from Izea including the man himself; Ted along with Carrie (she’s too cool), Veronique, Ashley, Grady (he’s a huge flirt I tell you!) I know I’ve missed name-checking a ton of people – know that if I spoke to you you’ve impacted my life. I’m so thrilled to see others doing the same thing as I love to do – and taking names and kicking ass doing it.

End Party
Photo Op With TED!

End Party - Scavenger Hunt
My Izeahunt Team

End Party
Allison and her best bud, Yuengling LOL

End Party
Cass and Marisa!

End Party
Superchick JILL and I cheesing!

End Party
Carrie and I!

End Party`
Me mauling Debbie

End Party
Aww Ashley 🙂

End Party - Scavenger Hunt
Down the hatch!

As far as speakers go I was happy to listen to such pro’s as Loren Feldman, Merlin Mann, Jeremy Schoemaker, Steve Spaulding and Stephanie Agresta. I also thoroughly enjoyed that Drew Bennett as a moderator!

OMG! Oh! I even got an ALPHA CODE to get onto Izea’s newest toy – CloudShout!!

Izeafest Conference

OMGGGGG!!! ALSO: Drew gave me an awesome X-Shot so I can take all my cheesy myspace shots and not be all cut-off!!! Oh and you can get one also – from and if you use the coupon code IZEASPARK8 which is only good until the 19th!!!!!!! then you can save $5.00!!

Izeafest Conference

Also; I’ve gotta admit I had this “view” of John Chow before I met him at Izeafest. He doesn’t have the ego I thought he would have being a “Big Money Blogger” – but he seems to have it all in perspective. That and he’s just as much as a dork as the rest of us! He’s has a good sense of humor, is funny and is even willing to participate in the crazy that is Izeahunt!

I have about 12 pages of notes to go though and I finally finished uploading all the photos I took to Flickr. Go check out mine and everyone else’s to see the debauchery that went on that weekend.

My “Meet A Blogger” vacation isn’t even finished yet! I’m meeting up with Connie for lunch tomorrow also!

Check out the post on the Izea blog – there is video to see and more pictures to check out. Go! NOW!!


  1. Christine,

    It was great meeting you at IZEAFest, great recap. Rest up. Tell Connie I said hi.

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