Recording “Artists” on YouTube

Okay .. so I’ve come across a few people on YouTube who can sing. Then there are the Chocolate Rain types who CANNOT and get famous for being, well, terrible (heh, William Hung anyone). Point, is .. there are people who are “eh” on there also. Honestly? I think I’m going to hook up my mic and record something for YouTube. I’m so mad that I lost the 3 vid-captures of me singing in the karaoke thing in Rota a couple years ago. I thought I was pretty good 😉 No, of course I didn’t WIN – but it was rigged anyway 😉 I made it to the semi-finals at least. Anyhoo …. How do I record something for YouTube now? Gotta look into that.

I’ve blogged a lot today … I must’ve been bored.

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