Randomness & Day Trips

So, the other day while we (Alan and I) were eating Sunday brunch at the Galley I had this idea right? Xander was trying to get my ice cream and so I was like “Hey! Y’know what would be handy? Breast Milk Icecream! That way, babies could eat it!” – Alan and I had a good laugh (because, you know, it was a JOKE) – but our friend who was sitting with us was totally grossed out. Ahh well, can’t make em all laugh eh? I guess only a boob-nazi would find that amusing. 😉

Moving along … None of my friends won Idol, so that kinda sucks. But the girl that I didn’t want to win 1st got 2nd – so that works. I really didn’t want her winning first 😉 I’m sucha beotch 😉 Other then that the “July 1st” celebration was kinda lame. Got some pancit and lumpia, Alan led the parade w/his flaggers, and that was that. We watched the fireworks from our back porch. They were neat at least.

Then Saturday we drove to Ikea and Portugal. But, it sucked – so I’m not talking about it 😉

Then Monday we drove to Marbella. Ooohhh .. Marbella! This place is SO POSH! There’s designer stores (D & G, Versace ..) and restaurants of all different countries (Lebanese, Indian, Greek …) – and tons of yahts, and Rolls-Royce’s, BMW’s and Bently’s all lined up in front of the beautiful beach (on the Med mind you!) OOOH, beautiful!! Everyone was wearing the uber in style gypsy skirts (that I am trying to get in my size from gypsy markets for way cheaper) … We ate at TGI Fridays (Alan’s fav restaurant). But I hope we can get back there …

Today Jayme and I took Xander to the beach in Rota and walked the boardwalk and ate (Gazpacho) at this little place right on the beach. It was calming listening to the ocean 🙂 It’s really pretty out there, the base just sucks, the beach is pretty 🙂

So, that was my weekend, how was yours? 😉

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