Raising Up A Military Brat


Today was Alan’s command’s family picnic and it was a ton of fun! There was a bounce house that Xander made a beeline for – then we ate some burgers for lunch. Xander got to climb up into a fire truck and try on some of the gear. Next up was the rock climbing wall that Xander geared up for (see photo) and did a great job climbing up! Then we all hopped into a big truck and took a ride down to the beach so that we could take a ride in a “Marine” boat (and get soaked in the process)! We then took a ride in the back of a Humvee and the boys (Alan and co-worker Tom) took the little boys (Xander and Tom’s two sons) to the shooting range to shoot some blanks/paint.

My baby shot not only a pistol (Sig P226) but also a “light” machine gun (S.A.W)! OMG! They all had a blast but I have to think about this here – my five year old has already shot weapons. He’s seriously a military brat, lol … Soon we’ll be having “huntin’” trips and deer heads on the wall … Wait – there doesn’t seem to much difference between “military” and “southerner” now does there? Yee haw!


  1. Andrea Woodard says:

    Wow, sounds like everyone had some fun. Glad you were able to enjoy it as well.

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