Punk Rock Kid

Punk Rock Kid

Keeping with the photo theme for the day (lol) – I had to post this one in a seperate post, simply because it rocks so much. Someone (I don’t know if it was Chrissy or Melissa) had the idea that Xander would look tres cool with a mohawk. I agreed of course since I KNEW he’d look cool with a mohawk! So, yesterday since Melissa was on a hair cutting spree – I let he go wild on Xander’s head. Xander is a GOOD SPORT and didn’t care, he was just super tired and seemed to be falling asleep while she shaved him. He looks awesome with his new ‘hawk!! I brought him into the bathroom to see it and a HUGE smile spread across his face! He loves it!

His hair grows pretty fast, so I give it a month honestly … then it will be grown out. But until then my kid looks REALLY cool!


  1. lol AWw!! He is adorable!

    Leslie’s last blog post..Show Some Love!

  2. The kid definitely ROCKS! I wish my boys would let me get that adventurous, oh well I guess we can settle for blue hair lol.

    Ada’s last blog post..Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You will all pay dearly for abusing that poor inocent boy! My mamma would never let me get such a hair cute…I think I will get one to match…whatdya think?

    Alan’s last blog post..Beaches here I come!!!

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