Prozac and Feeling “Just OK”

Around three years ago (almost four now I suppose) I began taking Cymbalta for depression and anxiety when Alan (my husband) deployed to Iraq. I had dealt with depression before many times (be it as a teenager or after having a baby) so it was nice to finally get on something to help it.

When I found out I was pregnant a couple years ago I switched to Zoloft knowing that Cymbalta was “too new” on the market and not tested enough with pregnancies. I ended up losing that baby but stayed on the Zoloft knowing that I wanted to try again for another.

Fast forward to now – I’m 7 months pregnant and am now on Prozac because the Zoloft made me incredibly sick. The Prozac doesn’t make me sick but it also doesn’t seem to be as strong as I need. Sure when I take it regularly I can get out of bed and “function” and all – but that’s about it. Every days just feel “ok” – I am just going through the motions of life and it’s kinda depressing. Maybe I need to up my dosage? Maybe I just need to “deal with it” for a couple more months until the baby gets here and then get back onto Cymbalta (which in my opinion worked the best for me).

I just worry that once I have the baby the good old Post Partum Depression will kick back in and the Prozac won’t help and I will be an even bigger mess. Depression SUCKS any way you look at it …

I’m okay – really – I am just tired of “going through the motions” each day and need a bit of a wake up call … or a swift kick in the ass …


  1. Kim Scales says:

    Ugh, my heart feels a familiar tug when you write like this. I hope you can bear through the coming weeks. If it gets bad again after she’s born, you know where you can reach me for a sympathetic ear.

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