Protect Your Identity

Right before Alan and I got married (back in 2002) someone took a joy ride with my credit card and bought a Dell computer with all the fixings. Thankfully, Bank of America had the sense to call me and make sure that it was me that did the purchasing – when I told them that it wasn’t, they pulled the charges. That fiasco was only $500; the next creep who went on a joyride with a credit card took Alan’s to New York and spent over $1000 on random stuff. Navy Federal realized it wasn’t him and removed the charges.

This kind of thing happens daily and if you aren’t the victim of identity theft then you are one of the lucky ones.

I caught wind of a company that promises to protect your identity, it’s called LifeLock and it’s the industry leader in Identity Theft Protection business. When you are a member of LifeLock – they will call your credit card companies and have them put you on a fraud alert, they will have your name pulled from the pre-approved credit card lists and they will also order free credit reports on your behalf.

LifeLock has a 1 Million Dollar service guarantee and is only $10 a month. I suggest you give them a serious look if you want someone to really protect your identity. They are listed on the Better Business Bureau and Top Consumer Reviews. You can check out how they work by clicking here.


  1. I got thieved once, at my last job. Given what we did at that job, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the co-workers. Especially since I wrote their client software specifically to make it hard for them to use, and all.

    But I don’t think I’m afraid enough of identity theft to pay a monthly fee…

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