Prepping for … Snow … ?

The way the state of Virginia (well – Hampton Roads) prepares for snow cracks me up. Everything is closed tomorrow (even the Library!) and everyone is in panic mode. Talk about KNEE JERK! Floridians don’t even get this prepped when there is a Cat5 hurricane headed their way. Snow is “supposed” to begin late tonight … They are calling for 6-10 inches …metro/inland. It’s soooo insane! It’s almost frustrating how wacky people are here … The news is warning people to – if they HAVE to drive tomorrow – to pack food and blankets in their cars, make sure the tank is full and fully charge your cell. I mean – yeah – if there is snow on the roads (even a little bit) you are bound to get in a fender-bender. It’s just something that happens around here since it seems people can’t drive in RAIN here much less SNOW.

I personally don’t know how to drive in snow very well. Angie and I are supposed to have a Chick Day and get pedi’s and see a movie. I think if by chance (small chance) we get a ton of snow she might have to come pick me up, lol … Or I can take hubby’s truck – it’s got 4-wheel drive! But the van has more airbags … Decisions, decisions!

I completely stand corrected … My foot is OFFICIALLY in my mouth.

Our Front Yard
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  1. LMAO ~ yeah I saw the flakes falling around 3:00 am and I was like oh gees it’s actually snowing. We’re supposed to get some nastier stuff later this evening around dinner time, so my boys are outside enjoying the fluff right now.

    We’re from Pittsburgh, so this is still barely a flurry to us! LOL It cracks me up when they throw dirt on the road and think it’s going to make it all better. Salt melts snow, not dirt. Dirt just makes snow mud.

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