Planning A Camping Trip?

It’s a little hot right now for planning a camping trip but once the weather gets a little cooler I know my husband and son will begin begging to plan a trip! I am personally not a huge ‘camper’ but I can usually make the best out of it and relax a bit – that is, unless a spider decides to crawl up my face. This girl doesn’t really enjoy bugs on her face!

Most of the camping we do is more of the primitive style because we don’t own a camper or anything like that. We grab our sleeping bags and our tent and drive our 4×4 (SUV) out to a camp ground. We like to light a fire, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories!

Here are some tips for keeping safe while camping:

  1. Make certain you are familiar with survival or administer first aid before you take off. It is sensible to attend a survival class and pass on to your kids its basic information.
  2. Choose an activity appropriate for the area and your children’s age.
  3. Inform your family never to go hiking alone. And if a group of your kids go, tell them to inform you about their plans.
  4. Always keep everyone well-hydrated. When you are thirsty, it is a sign that you are already dehydrated.
  5. Dress accordingly, with proper hats, shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  6. When hiking with children, it is wise if an adult leads the way and another adult is behind them.
  7. Let everyone wear or have a whistle which they can blow to call your attention as well as keep wild animals away.
  8. Never leave kids alone in the tent, car, or camper.
  9. Bring along your “first-aid kit” when hiking as well as extra snacks, water, clothing as well as your cell phone.
  10. Take your trash along when you leave – always leave the site looking better than when you got there!

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Enjoy you summer and go plan a camping trip with your family!

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