Little Changes, Big Changes

I’m been becoming (re-becoming?) more ‘girly’ lately. I’m not sure who to put the blame on – a couple girlfriends of mine or Pinterest.

For the past couple months I’ve been working on losing weight. I haven’t been as successful as I would like – but I’ve lost 10lbs by just watching what I eat. I recently started exercising more, so I expect the weight to go away faster now.

I’ve been paying more attention to fashion – not a ton since I really prefer comfort over style – but since I’m working in an office building I have to dress a little nicer during the week. I’m having fun with it – and I plan on buying a few new things once I drop another 10lbs.

I got my nails done last weekend. Not talking my normal mani or pedi – I’m talking a full set of acrylics. Not super long – just a little longer than my own nails. But I love them! It’s a little difficult to type though. First world problems, I know …

Now, the pièce de résistance comes tomorrow when I arrive at the eye doctor at 7:45am for LASIK eye surgery. I’ve been wanting it for YEARS now (Alan got his version – PRK – done in 2006!) I’m super excited, yet super nervous also. Super. Nervous.

I’m excited, though, about the ‘new’ me … Well, not ‘new’ really – just a little improved.

Yes, I’m a Hunger Games Fangirl

Made a little something for the #HungerGames #Peeta Fans!

Nothing much … just a little photo manipulation featuring everyone’s favorite baker’s son. You can download it if you want to :)

Give Us This Day Our Daily (Peeta) Bread

Oh These Shoes

I’m not much of a shoe-girl … I can’t walk in heels and I’m more into comfort than style. That said – these are amazing!

Apparently, they are from the Alexander McQueen winter/fall collection? I have no freaking idea … I’d never be able to walk in them – but they sure are marvelous!

Beside the Dying Fire – #TheWalkingDead

the_walking_dead_beside_the_dying_fireLet me preface this by saying – this is FULL of spoilers! Don’t read it if you haven’t watched the season finale of The Walking Dead!

Ok, so …

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Friday Fives: My Five Favorite Authors

So, it’s Sunday – so as usual I am late to the party. But my friend Elizabeth has this fun ‘meme’ and I want to participate – plus, I know she’ll be ok with me being late. She’s cool like that.

This week – I am asked to choose my five favorite authors!

  1. JK Rowling
  2. Stephen King
  3. Anne Rice
  4. VC Andrews
  5. Suzanne Collins (she wrote The Hunger Games – which I am currently obsessed with!)

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Daylight Savings Sucks

What are you saving!? Everyone woke up late and didn’t want to get out of bed! The Boy-child missed the bus and I had to wake up the Fairy-Baby and take Boy-Child to school! Plus – I have a splitting headache and am running out of time before I have to take the baby for a doctor visit. I chugged my coffee and ate some cheese cubes; still hungry! I want some Bojangles!

Bleh … I’m not working today, maybe I can convince the baby to take a nap later …