TroopSwap Military Discounts


Military Discounts are live on TroopSwap! Take note of the badge system where they identify Veteran, Disabled Veteran and Military Spouse Owned businesses. And, since all of the discounts were curated by military spouses, there is a quote from one of the TroopSwap team members in the top right corner that details why that particular business was chosen to feature!

Check out this page for the discounts!

Little Changes, Big Changes

I’m been becoming (re-becoming?) more ‘girly’ lately. I’m not sure who to put the blame on – a couple girlfriends of mine or Pinterest.

For the past couple months I’ve been working on losing weight. I haven’t been as successful as I would like – but I’ve lost 10lbs by just watching what I eat. I recently started exercising more, so I expect the weight to go away faster now.

I’ve been paying more attention to fashion – not a ton since I really prefer comfort over style – but since I’m working in an office building I have to dress a little nicer during the week. I’m having fun with it – and I plan on buying a few new things once I drop another 10lbs.

I got my nails done last weekend. Not talking my normal mani or pedi – I’m talking a full set of acrylics. Not super long – just a little longer than my own nails. But I love them! It’s a little difficult to type though. First world problems, I know …

Now, the pièce de résistance comes tomorrow when I arrive at the eye doctor at 7:45am for LASIK eye surgery. I’ve been wanting it for YEARS now (Alan got his version – PRK – done in 2006!) I’m super excited, yet super nervous also. Super. Nervous.

I’m excited, though, about the ‘new’ me … Well, not ‘new’ really – just a little improved.

Yes, I’m a Hunger Games Fangirl

Made a little something for the #HungerGames #Peeta Fans!

Nothing much … just a little photo manipulation featuring everyone’s favorite baker’s son. You can download it if you want to 🙂

Give Us This Day Our Daily (Peeta) Bread

Oh These Shoes

I’m not much of a shoe-girl … I can’t walk in heels and I’m more into comfort than style. That said – these are amazing!

Apparently, they are from the Alexander McQueen winter/fall collection? I have no freaking idea … I’d never be able to walk in them – but they sure are marvelous!

Beside the Dying Fire – #TheWalkingDead

the_walking_dead_beside_the_dying_fireLet me preface this by saying – this is FULL of spoilers! Don’t read it if you haven’t watched the season finale of The Walking Dead!

Ok, so …

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Friday Fives: My Five Favorite Authors

So, it’s Sunday – so as usual I am late to the party. But my friend Elizabeth has this fun ‘meme’ and I want to participate – plus, I know she’ll be ok with me being late. She’s cool like that.

This week – I am asked to choose my five favorite authors!

  1. JK Rowling
  2. Stephen King
  3. Anne Rice
  4. VC Andrews
  5. Suzanne Collins (she wrote The Hunger Games – which I am currently obsessed with!)

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