It’s Not Much – But it’s All Mine

So, I can finally cross something off my “bucket list” – learning to knit!

I decided the other day (after seeing my neighbor pick up her crochet hook for the first time in a long time) that I would grab my needles and try to – again – knit SOMETHING. Took a few videos on YouTube and a few times ripping stitches off the needles and trying again (five times actually) but I got it! Granted, it’s reversed and dropped in a few places and I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to end up with in the end – but it is further than I’ve ever gotten with a knitting project!

So, I’m super DUPER pleased with myself!

First – I started to sew again and now I’ve picked up knitting!

I also vacuumed and mopped two rooms today, took off my pantry doors and removed a shelf! Maybe I won’t need that lobotomy after all!

I Think I Need a Reality Check – Or a Lobotomy

So, a patient on American Horror Story: Asylum got a lobotomy which turned her personality from post-partum psychotic disassociative disordered nut job to happy-go-lucky (yet creepy Stepford Wife-like) housewife. I though for a second there that – perhaps I could benefit from this incredibly invasive procedure.

Or I’d end up like Babydoll from Sucker Punch.

I’m in a funk here in this BEAUTIFUL land of palm trees and sunshine. My house is a damn mess. I’ve always had issues keeping my home clean but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it REALLY BOTHERS ME.

I don’t LIKE being an potential cast-member on Hoarders.

My friends have busted ASS helping me clean. My family? Not to much.

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. For TEN YEARS I’ve been married to my handsome high-school sweetheart. I have two beautiful kids.

But – I’m done being the designated driver in this family. I cannot and WILL NOT maintain the home, deal with meal planning and cooking and stay on top of education and entertainment for my kids by MYSELF.

Maybe if I essentially ‘call him out’ in public it will motivate him to help me more?


My Kid Rolls Old School

Not to sound biased or anything – but my kids were rather awesome this Halloween.

My 2 year old – who is in LOVE with anything Minnie Mouse – was Minnie for Halloween as well. I bought the costume back in September when I saw it at Wal-Mart and I am GLAD I did. It was a little small – but that was the ONLY Minnie costume they had. So, thankfully, she’s petite.

On the other side – my seven year old – who is currently OBSESSED with Zelda / Link (as well as Mario, Luigi and several Pokemon) dressed as Link this year. He was Link a couple years ago also; but this year he got a fully homemade costume (from fabric not a cut pillowcase), a sword and a shield (the Hylean Shield to be exact).

The costume came out fantastic thanks to the directions posted by a lady named TR Rose on her Meow About Cosplay website (link).

Her photos and breakdown of how she created HER costume made it super easy to create my son’s costume. Now, mind you I haven’t sewn in a WHILE – so mine was no where NEAR as nice as hers. But, I still was pretty darn proud of myself!

On Fighting the Bad Guys

I’m not going to say this over my at my friends’ Facebook page – I know she respects me, my life and my opinions – but her friends have their own (which is fine). But – I’m gonna say it here – on my OWN blog. Because I can. I feel as though I have to – somehow – put my thoughts “out there” and hope someone hears them.

It pisses me the HELL OFF when people think our military is fighting for nothing. It pisses me the HELL OFF when someone says that “fighting the bad guys” is “childish thinking” and that “The term “bad guys” is suitable for 5-year-olds, not thinking adults.

I am a THINKING ADULT who has been married to a US Navy Sailor for 10 years! I respect him, his job, the MISSION and our President. I respect all those we’ve lost over the years – especially people I’ve met in person and even considered FRIENDS. It makes me SO MAD and UPSET that there are people that don’t respect these HEROES. Not just on 9-11 but EVERY DAMN DAY.

Don’t EVER fucking tell me my husband and all the other military personnel are fighting for NOTHING! They are NOT just in Afghanistan. They are in all places where there is terrorism! Open your fucking eyes!


Be thankful there are people fighting “for nothing” – because otherwise people like (proverbial) YOU wouldn’t have the freedom to run your mouth like a jackass!

Lazy Dazy Day

I’ve been spending much of my time unpacking from our move, cleaning things and sorting things out that I need to get rid of. I’m tired. I have my period. I’m feeling rather BLAH today.

My two year old is bored. This doesn’t bode well for my plan of “sitting on my ass and being lazy.” It’s a glorious day out – maybe I should just bring her outside and plop myself into a lawn chair.

… and try not to die ………. bleh …

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