Homeschool Week One

This was our very first week of homeschooling and it went … er … okay? It went better than I thought, but we had a little drama yesterday. Mostly because the three year old wanted attention (which, I had just finished giving her) and the nine year old just didn’t want to do what I had asked of him. For the most part though, it was a positive experience. I learned a couple things from my homeschool mama friends though:

  • Start simple and be upfront about what the schedule is.

In light of the whole “be upfront about schedule” idea I’ve decided that I need to buy a bigger whiteboard and keep it in an obvious place. I brought down Xander’s desk and am ready to hang a whiteboard above it. I will keep track of our daily expectations on there so it’s obvious and will hopefully help us both keep better track.


We used two of the workbooks that I picked up for English leaving the third that I bought for later. We also did the first two lessons in the Saxon 5/4 math book (although, I printed off the pages since Amazon hasn’t shipped me my books yet!)

For History/Science/Geography we started off our “Around the World in 26 Letters” with Australia! We watched a show on Netflix about Australia called Australia: First Four Billion Years (NOVA). I also purchased a unit study country pack from Teachers Pay Teachers (Country Pack (Egypt, Australia & Russia)) and used the worksheets from Australia. Some of the words from the worksheet weren’t familiar to Xander so those words, combined with some of the words from the show made for a great exercise in finding definitions and learning how to look up words in a dictionary and online.


For my little Pre-K minion (Juliana) we did a lot of tracing! I bought her some new dry erase markers and used a print-out of her name in a clear, plastic sheet protector. We also sorted colors with the super cute Paint Brush Matching Lapbook via Confessions of a Homeschooler! Little really enjoyed working on her own schoolwork while Big Brother did his!

Next week we’re heading to Brazil!

Pearl Harbor Commissary Reset

Hubby forwarded this email to me this morning – FYI Hawaii peeps!

The Pearl Harbor commissary will have a Full Store Reset, scheduled for August 17, 18, and 19, 2014 and will be required to close in order to accomplish this. We will open for half the day on Sunday August 17th and remain closed on the 18th and 19th, reopening on the 20th for normal business. Request widest dissemination of the attached article and to include in the Ho’Okele News Paper every Friday staring from July 25, August 1, 8, and 15.

This store reset will involve the replacement of all dry shelving in the Pearl Harbor commissary. The Hickam commissary will be prepared to support our commissary patrons during this time.

Totally NOT Mobile Pretty

I brought up this blog the other day to look for a recipe and noticed that the header graphic isn’t the right size for mobile. The rest of the blog is fine – but it LOOKS wonky.

Ugh … sorry! This is not OK 🙁

But – I’m far too busy geeking out on Minecraft that I have no time to fix it 😉

I will get to it soon …

Planes: Fire & Rescue FREE Educational Activity Book #FireAndRescue

Planes: Fire & Rescue / Educational Activity BookSmoky the Bear, National Parks, and the heroes from Disney’ Planes: Fire & Rescue have teamed up to help your kids have fun with fire safety this summer!

The activity book has a word search, a quiz, camping safety tips, facts about wild fires, and lots of tips on general outdoor fire safety. I would recommend this for ages 5 to 10; it’s an easy read for the older kids, but there aren’t any coloring pages.

Planes: Fire & Rescue is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated comedy-adventure film. It is a sequel to the 2013 film Planes, a spin-off of Pixar’s Cars franchise. Produced by DisneyToon Studios, it will be released theatrically by Walt Disney Pictures on July 18, 2014.

You can download this free activity book by clicking this link!


Much Needed Psychic Cleansing

I had such a wonderful time at my friend Keoni’s psychic fair! I had a psychic cleansing (is that what it was called?) and was told a message that I needed to hear. I also had a palm reading and an oracle cards reading by the lovely, sweet Wina B. She told me some things that correlated with what Keoni said as well as a few things I knew (just needed reminders of). Also spoke to Michele about fitness and motivation (something I also needed!)

Learned a lot and now have a bigger desire to learn more. Keoni has mentioned hosting more events like this one and I really, really hope he does. Until then, I always have his wonderful website to refer to – Indigo Angel’s Light. I’m going to read the “Where to Begin” articles on the website and go from there.

Minecraft Conversations with Xander

Me: “I played Minecraft last night, so unless you change your skin you are the 10th Doctor.”

Xander: “Why were you the 10th Doctor?”

Me: “Because I didn’t want to be Herobrine.”

Parenting …