Cordless Glue Gun

Cordless Glue Gun

I keep seeing this goofy commercial on the television for a cordless glue gun by “Barbara K” … The commercial cracks me up because the woman is so, well, she’s really funny. But, the glue gun looks really COOL! I told him that I want the glue gun for Christmas. So, does someone wanna get it for me? hee hee …

Seriously though. I have a glue gun – and a billion little glue sticks. I hate to use it because the cord is short, so I use an extension cord. But, it gets heavy and I hate to use it. So I never glue.

In the commercial they show the usual crafting and such, but also a dude fixing a birdhouse on the side of his home – with the little bird house still attached to the home! So, he’s up on a ladder gluing – ha! I could use this gun to fix everything! Anyway, I’m totally rambling, but the point is, the glue gun looks really cool. When I eventually get one I will let ya’ll know what I think of it.

Top 100 Speeches

I found this neat website while using StumbleUpon. It’s called American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century by Rank. The website has mp3’s of famous speeches from everyone from Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” to Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Adopting the Declaration of Human Rights.”

It’s a really neat website, especially if you have kids in school. Or, if you are just a history buff like me!

Check out the website here.

Property Management

I have my house listed with a certain real estate property manager (I won’t list the name at this point, I will wait until after I talk with them). When I signed my contract I saw nothing re. banned breeds of dogs. I allow renters with dogs and cats to rent this house. According to my prop. manager the pet deposit is $250 – according to the MLS listing that they’ve posted on my house the pet deposit is $300!

Back to the banned breeds though. On a list of houses for rent by this company, they say the following dog breeds are not allowed to be in the house, including: rottweilers, pit bulls, german shepards, and chows. I want to know how they off saying that these breeds cannot be in the house? The breeds are NOT banned in my county! In fact, I HAVE a Lab-Rott mix! I am a huge animal advocate, might seem silly but that’s where I stand. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with me.

They’ve pissed me off a few times now – the “banned breeds” and two different pet deposits are just two issues. More include their downright crappy listings (mine were way better – much more descriptive), my picture of the house is better (theirs is super grainy), and they never return calls (in fact, someone came to the house to view it telling me that the company never called them back. I didn’t let them in because I was home alone with the baby though.) They make me mad, but I’ve already paid them $250 to list my house. I can’t manage it myself since we won’t be living in Jacksonville.

Anyone have any good ideas for GOOD rental property managers?

Zoo Trip

Today I took Xander to the zoo with some friends. We said some more goodbyes since we won’t be seeing Mandy and her kids again for awhile (Mandy jokes that her baby will be almost 3 by the time we could possibly be stationed together again, eek!) Our other friend, Julissa will be spending Thanksgiving with us – we’re ordering Pizza, lol 😉

The zoo was a lot of fun. I think I took 100 pictures because I don’t remember ever taking pictures of the animals there before. Friday we’re supposed to go again with Valerie and her boys. Feel better soon Jack!

This is the part that sucks … I hate saying goodbye to people …

Blah …

I now have a 100 boxes to pack, floors to clean, bathrooms to detail, a dryer to get fixed, laundry to wash and HANG, did I mention boxes to pack?

Greeting Cards for the Troops

Thousands of military members won’t be home this year to celebrate the holidays with their families. The Gallery Collection, a greeting card publisher has paired up with Soldier’s Angels – an organization dedicated to supporting our troops overseas. They have donated Christmas Cards to be placed in care packages for each service member. Included in the box will also be a blank card so that the service member can send a card back home to their family.
The Gallery Collection and Soldier’s Angels just want to show our troops what we all want to show them that they are in our thoughts and prayers while they fight for our freedom. The holidays may bring families together here – but to a service member overseas without their family, it brings loneliness and sadness. Hopefully, these cards will help make their holidays a little brighter.
Please check out the Soldier’s Angels website by visiting You can visit the website for Gallery Collection at

While you’re visiting, please consider donating to the Soldier’s Angels cause!

Almost That Time 2

The house is pretty empty. Seriously … The boxes are packed, the van has a trailer hitch. I hung out with the girls and said goodbye. There is a zoo trip planned tomorrow, early. Thursday we have Thanksgiving with another friend. Friday another zoo trip is planned – one last time to hang out with friends here. Saturday, we hook up the trailer and drive away. We haven’t got the house rented out yet. We’ve signed a contract on another one.

We’re broke, but out family is together.