Protected: MWR, Idol and Hitting Bottom …

Tonight was the semi-finals for Idol and I made it into them. I then bombed lol. Well, I didn’t bomb persay – my heart just wasn’t in it. I had a BAD day today …. then walked across the base, got a sunburn and then sat on my porch and had a conversation with Jose Cuervo – the bottle, not the gardener. Alan came home to me laying on the floor (because it was nice and cool) and he threw me into the shower to get me ready to sing at Idol. Where I just lost interest. I want my friend Tascha to win. But (and here’s the MWR part) she sang “All the Small Things” which could be considered “punk” but since they are POPULAR they can also be considered “pop” – which was tonight’s theme. One of the judges gave her crap about it – so she came back with “well, someone did a Celine Dion song for the rock genre and you didn’t DQ her” .. good girl Tascha! What an ass …. If they DQ her I (not to mention a ton of other people) will be royally PISSED OFF. Sigh … but that’s all for now I guess.


Damn, I just realized I haven’t written in a week. Well, I’m alive .. but I’m in a crappy mood. With no creativity … so, no I’ve got nada to say. Maybe tomorrow …

“Idol” Part Two – Country!

AHHHH!!!! So, hopefully I can get “Sin Wagon” as my song. I am going to try and get there extra early to sign up for it. I’ve been working on it all week (along w/ a couple other songs just in case) .. I need COKE! I need ENERGY! EEEKKKK!!!!

General Blatherings …

Gee, guess I am in charge of RLT’s 4th of July stuff ….. erp? Moving along … Xander didn’t want to sleep tonight, poor munchkin’s teeth were hurting him. It was so obvious, poor baby 🙁 Jayme and I walked him around the block in the Bjorn 5 times and he just kept waking up. So I gave him some Tylenol and some Hylands Teething Tablets and nursed him to sleep. He fell asleep around 11ish and is doing ok. So, I’ve voted for the night, and uploaded “Designs” and am now just puttering around listening to muzak. I guess I should go to bed eh? 😉

Andalucian Idol – the vent

Alright, I forgot to blog about this like I said I would. It just slipped my mind totally. MWR in Rota can be a bit of a joke. Welll, they just seem really really disorganized. I mean with AI, we didn’t get started until almost 8:15pm. It was supposed to start at 7:00pm. No one had their music picked out because no one told the contestants to be there at 6:30pm. Their were contestants who worked very hard on their song and were not allowed to use their own cd (another “rule” not disclosed to the contestants early). These are things that should’ve been WORKED OUT EARLY. Duh! There was only one book of songs floating around for awhile, because they couldn’t get the cabinet open with the 4-5 other books because no one there had the key (the person who ran the karaoke and had the key was no where to be seen; not arriving until after 8:00pm). It was ridiculous. The Star Search event was cancelled without MWR even telling the signed-up contestants also! So, they just jumped into AI (without having signed up early, but I can understand because they were shafted. I don’t understand extra people walking in and just signing-up there. That wasn’t fair). The voting … oh Lordy the voting. They said that they would only allow 3 votes per email, but theres no place to put your email (?) and you can vote as many times as you want. I’ve been doing web competitions for over 5 years now and there are ways (EASY TOO) to have a vote counter tag your IP address and only allow a certain number of votes. Apparently, MWR doesn’t have a good webmaster who knows how to actually make a voting tally website. I wouldn’t be surprised if 1) they aren’t going to even look at the votes because 2) the winner has already been picked. Sad huh? It’s pretty sad that they stand for “Morale” “Welfare” and “Recreation” and all they do is piss people off. I know they try, but they really need to get organized! Disclose rules in ADVANCE! What’s wrong with letting someone use their own cd? Hello!? Ugh .. stoopid.

Andalucian Idol

Check out Contestant Number 10 (ME!) — Forgive, I was sick that day 😉 But, if you likes, please vote for me 🙂 hee hee hee .. HERE