Winter Wear

wetsealboots.jpg I just moved to Virginia and already noticed the fashion differences between here and Florida. I feel like I am back in Spain again! The boots (over the jeans of course), the heels, the scarves and sweaters! It’s winter in the city baby! I picked up a paid of super cute Ugg-wannabe boots over at Wet Seal (pic to the left). I’ve never really lived in a place where I could wear such furry boots, lol. I’m a Florida girl you know! While checking out the Dec ’07/Jan ’08 People Style I saw a whole page devoted to “winter wear” for under $100 (my boots didn’t make the list). They are all super cute, just not $20! They also had cute sweaters pictured (I really want an Eskimo-type jacket with a furry hood!!) I loved the one I saw at American Eagle yesterday while I was shopping. HM also had a beautiful pea-coat style one which was only $69. The AE one made the list in People also – it’s $79.50. I gotta give kudos to the awesome Swedish style snow hats with the pom-poms attached! I tried several on in the store only to be laughed at by my husband. He doesn’t share the same hat love I do. My friend, Tascha tried on a couple cute hats also, and took “My Space” style pics … wonder if she’s posted them yet, lol.

One trend I don’t get is the slipper style booties. Can you wear them outside? Weird. Also, Ugg has has sheepskin flip flops. WTH?

Zoo Pictures

I promised that I would post a picture from the zoo! This was the last zoo trip we took while in Jacksonville. We went with our friends Mandy and Julissa and their children. I had never taken pictures of the animals at the zoo much less the kids, lol … So, I took a ton of pictures this time!

I have been told that the zoo here in Virginia isn’t so great. The Aquarium is supposed to be much better! We will see for ourselves in a few days 🙂

Anyway, more zoo pictures can be found here.

Me, Myself

I got my hair chopped yesterday. I like doing that to 1. piss off my hubby (he loves long hair) and 2. give myself a brand new look. I wasn’t sure about it yesterday, but I like it now – it’s grown on me (heh heh) in the last 24 hours.

Which leads me to the “piss off my husband” comment. I’ve never been one to ascribe to the whole “husband = master” idea that some women have. I guess that makes me a crappy wife? I dunno. I do things to make me happy because 9 times out of 10 I’m usually doing things to make the husband, the child or even the dog happy. So, if something as simple as chopping my hair will piss off the husband – yet make me very happy? Then guess what, it’s being chopped. I haven’t cooked a decent meal in a few days (well, strike that since I made pasta yesterday and a nice taco bake tonight). We do eat horribly late. The boxes from our move are hardly unpacked – in fact, today I slept late, went shopping (hubby, baby & friends came with – my friend is a bad shopping influence!), played Sims2, and didn’t touch a box. He’s asking for “booty” tonight also – in fact, he wants a show … but, I’m in no mood for corsets tonight. A quicky perhaps (not likely), but nothing more. He comes home from deployment wanting to “get back into the groove” of being a dad, but certainly wants to GROOVE in the bedroom. Me? I need to get used to someone always in my face, making a mess and asking for booty again. He was gone the better part of the past year. August ’06 to April ’07, then July 6th until November 16th. I missed him, but I was used to having my life to me …

Yeah, I get it – I am teh suck. I think that’s the word of the day.

Facebook Changes

I’ve had a Facebook account for a few months now. I don’t use it as much as my MySpace, but I do use it (especially more lately). I noticed that there is a petition going around there that warns users about some “Beacon” software that literally tells everyone on your friends list what purchases you’ve made online! To me that’s insane!! Well, a ton of others felt the same way – in fact, over 50,000 users on Facebook felt that way also!

I was scanning my “Latest Headlines” on my Firefox that reports from BBC News “Protests force Facebook to change” – the users of Facebook actually accomplished something with their petition!!

I’d never signed up for the Beacon software on my account. But I’d surely be PISSED if what I was buying was being popped up all over Facebook! Don’t people think of these things before they make software?

You can read the rest of the article here.

December Roundup

Welcome to December ladies and gents! December is the time for holidays, giving and cheer! December is also the time for eggnog! Lots and lots and lots and lots of eggnog! With rum! Or whiskey! Or any other alcohol you can toss into your big cup o’nog with your nutmeg! Wait, you say you don’t add the rum, etc.??? What’s WRONG with you!? How can you get through the holidays not alco’d up?!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself since hubby hasn’t let me buy any ‘nog yet. I was trying a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s officially December and I think I can get some.

New layout on Starryskye’s blog! Yay! I used some scrapbook stuff I had saved. I will post the linky later.

I asked hubby if I could stay up late and play Sims2 – and he agreed. Hopefully, he agrees to let me sleep in tomorrow morning also! (He’s giving the baby a bath right now, he’s such an awesome hubby!)

Happy December!

Gift Ideas: Got A Plasma?

I’ve learned during my time as a Navy spouse that if you have a Plasma television, the Navy will ship it for you when you PCS, but they won’t insure it. Something about those particular televisions being super fragile? I dunno. But, some have them, so when I came across a link for a plasma lift I said – wow! How cool are they! Makes me think of MTV Cribs when I see them.

A plasma lift is something that you put your television in and store it. When you want to watch it it moves the television up so you can see it.

Wow, right? Something for the techno-files in your life I guess.