Only In America

It’s stuff like this that keeps me a “lactivist” … ugh! Only in America do people have SUCH an issue with public breastfeeding. I breastfeed my kid EVERYWHERE. McDonalds, the Mall, the Beach, Taco Bell, bars … you name it, I’ve done it. And you know that NO ONE has EVER said anything or given even a look. Or even batted an eye! I was SO nervous when I went home a few months ago (to Florida). I didn’t have any problems though … thankfully. But Florida is one of those states that has laws regarding a womans right to feed her child anywhere. But, people-wise, no one shot me any looks (that I noticed). But, lordy iff’n they HAD!!! rar!


  1. I swear, whenever I hear stories like this one, I can’t but feel very pissed off. As one of my friends loves to say, “God made boobs for feeding babies not for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.” I swear, Americas are seriously screwed up when it comes to this sort of stuff.

    I think the most maddening story I’ve heard is this Canadian woman was on an airplane a year or so ago, and she was breastfeeding her baby and a man on the plane complained to a flight attendant, and the flight attendant to her to stop feeding her child and cover up and the mother refused…. and since she was flying into the States and you HAVE to do what a flight attendant says or else it becomes a Dept of Homeland security issue… the incident had her arrested for being non-compliant to a fight attendant and she was put on the watchlist for being a terrorist…. PUT ON A TERRORIST WATCHLIST FOR BREASTFEEDING A BABY! That’s seriously fucked up…

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