On Fighting the Bad Guys

I’m not going to say this over my at my friends’ Facebook page – I know she respects me, my life and my opinions – but her friends have their own (which is fine). But – I’m gonna say it here – on my OWN blog. Because I can. I feel as though I have to – somehow – put my thoughts “out there” and hope someone hears them.

It pisses me the HELL OFF when people think our military is fighting for nothing. It pisses me the HELL OFF when someone says that “fighting the bad guys” is “childish thinking” and that “The term “bad guys” is suitable for 5-year-olds, not thinking adults.

I am a THINKING ADULT who has been married to a US Navy Sailor for 10 years! I respect him, his job, the MISSION and our President. I respect all those we’ve lost over the years – especially people I’ve met in person and even considered FRIENDS. It makes me SO MAD and UPSET that there are people that don’t respect these HEROES. Not just on 9-11 but EVERY DAMN DAY.

Don’t EVER fucking tell me my husband and all the other military personnel are fighting for NOTHING! They are NOT just in Afghanistan. They are in all places where there is terrorism! Open your fucking eyes!


Be thankful there are people fighting “for nothing” – because otherwise people like (proverbial) YOU wouldn’t have the freedom to run your mouth like a jackass!

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