On Being A Chic Girl Geek

When you think of a “geek” what do you think of? A dude sitting behind a computer coding away the day? A dude playing World of Warcraft in his Mom’s basement?

Do you ever picture a hot chick with a pink laptop blogging away at a social media conference or creating kick-ass web designs using Javascript and PHP code?

No? Well then you’ve obviously never met me! I am a proud Girl Geek who loves to code, play games and just generally BE on my computer and plugged in! Oh and yeah – I absolutely have a PINK LAPTOP!

I need more awesome chic geek gear and I’ve been checking out a great website called She-Tech that caters to the tech-saavy woman. They not only have a great assortment of chic laptop bags (clutch’s, messenger bags, totes, etc) they also have bling for your iPhone (not mine – I don’t have one yet). You can shop by color, price, size or style so it’s really easy to find what you are looking for. I’ve even noticed on the website that She-Tech Accessorizes Celebrities! Check it out!

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