So, I bought a Wii a few days ago. Lemme tell you – watching my 3 year old play it is the single most irritating thing in the damn UNIVERSE!!! I don’t like playing with he because obviously, at 3, he SUCKS AT IT (to be expected). But, since he sucks he will fling his arm around and never actually point it at the screen (I try and show him but he refuses to pay attention) also, if he is playing one player (because I hate playing with him and I like to get chores done and blogging done in the morning) he will sit next to me jostling me flailing his arm about going “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” and asking me to “help” (i.e. play FOR HIM). Um, hello Xander? I DON’T WANT TO PLAY!!!

I think I just need to get him some clubs and some Titleist golf balls and lock him outside; maybe then he will forget the Wii and learn to play by himself …? Maybe …? Nah …

Another thing bugging the hell out of me (he just did it so it’s fresh in my mind) is the fact that Xander is such a damn SNACKER! He had a cup of yogurt and 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast – not even an hour ago – and he says he’s still hungry. He went into the pantry and grabbed a 100 cal pack of cookies and I said “no way dude!” and he threw himself on the floor in a tantrum. GEEZE THREE YEAR OLDS SUCK! I gave him a Nutrigrain bar instead because while it has more calories; it’s way healthy and he gets some fruit at least.

I have to do dishes today. My dog doesn’t want to eat his DOG FOOD and is hunting around the house to find little crumbs that Xander has dropped. My cat is practically laying ON my laptop. My throat is sore and I barely have a voice; so of course I keep yelling at Xander. Xander always just stands there looking at me when I tell him to do something (like, just now “put the timer back in the bathroom”). He just looks at me and stands there playing with whatever I just told him to put up. He will only listen when I either get up from sitting, yell (sometimes) or threaten to wash his mouth out (which is usually only when there is attitude or “sass” – I should use it for everything since it’s so effective).

Did I mention that three year olds SUCK??

I need to get out of the house soon.


  1. That’s exactly how Madison is with the wii. We ended up leaving her in the basement to play by herself and she’s slowly figuring it out on her own. She still has some problems though.

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