Apparently (well, at least this is my Dad’s theory) a very pregnant tick made it’s way into my house and HAD BABIES!! I pulled 6 ticks off of Samson already – he’s black and very furry and I’m very sure there is more. Found 2 entering my bedroom, 4 on his doggy bed, 7 on the curtains, and a few more (alive and dead) on the floor.

This is INSANE!!!! It had to have only just happened a couple days ago, I thought it was just the dog and the kid and I bringing them in working on the yard, but no, there’s more then just a couple. The bedroom and living room are being sprayed tonight while the kid sleeps and the dog is in the guestroom. Dad brought me this crazy killer bug spray that kills any critter that moves he claims (yet – safe for dogs and kids .. hmm – says he’s always used it, and I never died, so we should be good).

They are congregating! They have their own little world among my carpet fuzzys!

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