OMG … Dreary Day!

What dreary weather we’re having today. I’m sitting here playing on a couple message boards, chatting with a friend and watching “The Wonder Pets” on Nick with Alexander. He just dumped a box of little green Army guys on the floor and now he’s dancing. Strange little monkey.

It’s so grey outside … We were supposed to have someone come look at the house today (it’s for Rent) but they called and canceled at the last minute. Five minutes before they were supposed to be at the house I got a call from the Realtor canceling. Ugh. What a HUGE letdown!

Then last night it began to POUR and I remembered that I had left the damn sunroof open. My two front seats and center console were flooded. sigh …. I seriously need to get some more term life insurance, because I’m having the WORST luck lately!

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