Oh Sweet Child of Mine

Xander began his first week of pre-k this past Tuesday along with his best buddy Lizzie and her sister Caitie. This is real pre school too – not ‘daycare’ preschool too so it’s quite different from what he’s used to. The teacher is a little lot stricter (and not as adorable as his last two favorite teachers might I add), there are no naps (which he loves – and I hate), and they even get to visit ‘God’s house’ every so often. Did I mention this pre-k is based out of a Catholic church? Well … Xander’s preschool is based out of a Catholic church. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Catholic churches – but I have to say that I am happy there is only a little bit of ‘church’ teaching going on. I picked this school for two reasons – 1) My friend Angie’s girls go there and Angie is watching Xander during the day while I am at school and 2) the price ($190.00 per month! Booyah!).

My son – when he is older and able to – will be making his OWN decision about religion. I will be in no way shape or form be teaching him absolutely what to believe in. He will be raised with morals based on how I was raised – being a good person, being helpful, being kind. Yes – these are all “Christian” based morals, but you don’t have to be a “Christian” to be good.

Also – since I have absolutely zero clue about Catholicism and was never ever raised Catholic … the fact that he’s going to a Catholic pre-k is no basis for any argument 😉 But – if he chooses to choose that then so be it. Incidentally, I’d be happy if the kid chose Judaism to practice. Jew’s have great food and they always eat Challah and drink Manischewitz at their shabbats! Woot!

Anyway … where was I going with this?

Oh yeah … Angie has been taking Xander to school along with her girls. Xander gives her no trouble (from what she tells me). So, why is it when *I* take him to school this morning he pitches a fit and literally hides behind my back and refuses to go into the classroom!? Why?! The teacher took his wrists and pulled him in and sent him over to the table where the other kids were sitting. I didn’t want to face her wrath so I got the heck outta there. She (the teacher) has already said to me that I will have to not let him hang on me and make him go into the classroom. She doesn’t realize that the whole hiding and not wanting to leave me is WEIRD and that Xander just doesn’t do this. He’s never done this! Forget the whole “but it’s a new place” idea because seriously … this child has never ever had ‘separation anxiety’ – he gives me a kiss and takes off. This hiding behind me when I take him to this school is really out of character for him. He also did this when we went in to meet his teacher for the first time.

What gives?!

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