Oh. Oops!

I completely BLEW UP my blog last night. I was thinking, oh – lemme do an upgrade but since the last few times I’ve upgraded the dashboard has stayed the same so lemme back up and do a FULL update. What was I thinking doing this at 11:30 at night? When I was already tired? When I really had to pee? Of course – I run into issues trying to re-import my blog. Thank God Lisa was online with a clear thinking head (as opposed to my slightly panicking head) and was able to search out some terms for me on help forums which lead me to figuring out what to do.

The fix? Finding the php.ini file (I liked that site because that is the one I used) and changing the size of the files allowed. I did this using my Coffee Cup FTP (I love that software). I saved the new php.ini file and backed it up to my harddrive. I tried to upload – nada. Then – I found on a forum someone saying that they had to drag the new php.ini file to each of their WP folders. I did that and BOOM – it worked!! Sounds wacky, but whatever works right?

So, for the most part the blog is back. Yes, the layout is gone for right now – I will work on it later or tomorrow. I made sure all my links were there and my featured peeps were up – other than that I am staying FAR AWAY from this blog today. I’ve got a bookclub meeting tonight and I still need to finish the book (“The 13th Tale”) and the dog went through the trash this morning so I guess I need to clean. Such is the life!


  1. I wondered what was going on last night! I came here and there was nothing. Nada. Scary! I’ve totally done almost the same thing before. Upgrading one of my blogs the last time was hell. Will never do again .. at least for now. 🙂

  2. I blew up my blog last night because I moved all my blogs to the same hosting and then copied one blog into the wrong master directory. DOH.

  3. Hey, where’s my backlink? LOL

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