Oh Alice! (Wanna Make your Shopping Easier?)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alice.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I heard about a website called Alice.com I thought – yeah, yet another ‘order groceries from home’ and get charged out the wazoo to do so. No thanks. But I read that there was free shipping and then thought – wow, they must charge a lot for their groceries. Then I said – hey, it’s free might as well see what I can find.


I loaded up the Alice website and chose from a few different pictures who was in my family – there are three of us (hubby, the boy and I) then I chose from a list what types of household items I normally purchase. In less than two minutes I was signed up for what promises to be a huge help to my household life.

My monthly grocery budget is roughly $400 – this covers foods, bath products, health products and things like that. It’s not a lot because it kinda covers all the times per month we go out to eat. We’re a little tight right now.

Things that I buy each week no fail include milk, soda (coke), and a jug or two of water. I’ve stretched out toilet paper, pet food (dog and cat) and cat litter to every two weeks.

But with free shipping and the potential to save some serious money (including the fact that Alice automatically adds in coupons for you) I figured why not try it out – I mean REALLY try it out.

So I did a search for “dog food” and found that Alice has 62 different types. Right away I find Beneful Healthy Weight which is the food that I feed my dog. I use the 15.5lbs bag which is roughly 248oz. The biggest bag that Alice has is the 56oz bag which would last my dog roughly 3 days. Nah!

I did a search for the cat food (Meow Mix) and could only find the boxes – I get a large bag. Nah!


I gave up on the search and just tried to add some products. I tried Contact Solution first and saw that I can choose my brand (Bausch & Lomb), the quantity needed and how often Alice should remind me to purchase more. That’s pretty neat right there!

Next up I went hunting for my shampoo and conditioner – I use Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths (because for some weird reason it actually helps to grow my hair). Found them both and was happy to see that both came with a $0.50 off coupon!

There are a few different ways to search for things on Alice – you can use the search box like I mentioned above, you can just click on the “My Products” page where it gives you general themes of products or you can even shop by room. I clicked pantry because I currently cleared out things and need to restock my staples.

Alice ships products from our Midwest-based distribution center. Depending upon where you live, you’ll receive your Alice order within 1 to 6 business days. When you order you will get your estimated shipping time, and an e-mail with a tracking number to track your Alice box as it makes its way to your door.

There is even a Refer a Friend program (located under the "My Account" section)! So you can actually offer your readers a discount AND make a little extra money yourself. You should check out Alice – and sign up for free. I think it sounds pretty cool and once I figure out what I need to fill up my pantry I will place my first order! The shipping is free – so might as well!

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