Nothing’s Ever Perfect

When you are designer – creating sites that are “cross-browser” and (mostly) “cross-resolution” compatible is extremely important. There are four browsers that I check for compatibility: Internet Explorer (6+), Firefox, Safari (running on Mac) and, for fun, Google Chrome (in most cases Chrome = Firefox).

Most of my designs require 800px width or above resolution. I feel that using 800 x 600 is a fair ‘start’ because hey, my mom still uses 800 x 600. 99% of my designs are scalable and will look good from 800px on up. I’ve been trying to not use “fixed” width’s either (as of … like, this past month or so) because I know there is a WIDE range of resolutions out there.

That said – must I really worry about a design breaking if someone is running Safari (Mac) and resizes the screen to less than 800px wide? Really? I want to shake this client and say “HELLO!? Of COURSE the layout is going to break!! No website now is viewable in less than an 800 x 600 resolution! Quit resizing so damn much!”

So … yeah … Guess I have to ‘tweak’ their template a little ….. freaking idiots.


  1. I hate that we have to worry about cross-browser compatibility too – but keep in mind that most people do adjust the size of their browsers. The screen res dipping below 800×600 can happen just by someone minimizing the window to smaller dimensions, which I do all the time! In my opinion, it is definitely something to be concerned with!

    • Christine says:

      I guess you are right Lindsay … it’s just INCREDIBLY frustrating! How do you make every browser and resolution happy?

  2. No worries, I’m going to shake the hell out of the client first!!! I’ve never run across this before. UM, if you hit the minimize button then why do you expect the site to look correct? And why does it matter so much that it’s not showing up correctly minimized? And why do you think that everyone is using a mac and that’s the only reason why the site looks ok to all of us? NO, WE DON’T USE MACS. It shows up fine in FF and IE for 3 people. arghhhhh
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