Not Completely Over, But Close

Today my group and I presented our BIG project in Systems Analysis and Design. It was a MONSTER … Final page count was over 150 and there were 35 PowerPoint sides in our presentation. Another group totally owned though – I’m crossing fingers we get a ‘B’ on it. Tomorrow I have two (not yet finished) projects due for my Flash/Action Script class. I just am so burned out that I have no interest in finishing them. All that I really need to do for the one is add transitions and music; for the other transitions, music and video. Those items aren’t the easiest in the universe either … Tomorrow is our final exam also in that class – so hopefully I will be able to finish the projects, do well on the test and have a short leadership meeting after class for the web club. Not that I don’t heart the web club – but I have a doctor’s appointment that I made three months ago and completely forgot about. So, rush … rush … rush!

But – deep breath – this term from hell is almost OVER! So happy about that! Next term I am slated for Web Interface II and it’s corresponding Lab class. Should be cool since it will be site design and not limited projects that suck the life out of me in this term. I like Action Script – I just didn’t have enough time to really LEARN it and play around with it this term. Some classes I really wish were longer than five weeks. Others (like Systems Analysis) I wish didn’t even exist. I have to keep in mind my Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Information Systems and not just “web geek” so I really do need to learn the other stuff. It’s just too bad that the other stuff can be SO BORING at times!

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