North Carolina

Hi everyone! We (Xander and I) made it to North Carolina and are with hubby right now! 🙂 We hung out last night (6 hours driving = tired me) and today we drove up to the outlet stores and went shopping. I think we’ll try and hit the Crabs Claw tomorrow night/evening for dinner. We both used to work there – and they have AWESOME food! Not sure when Xander and I will be heading home. We want to spend as much time with Alan as possible before he leaves … Again!

I have someone mowing my lawn on Wednesday I think. I hope they don’t run over my plants.


  1. YAY FOR REUNIONS! w00t w00t They are the best, i should know. It was QUITE emotional when I physically saw Mike again for the first time after 9 months! *sigh* i miss him…

  2. Ohhhh… pretty blog! I love the banner!

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