No, Not Go-Go Boots

So, hubby sends me a list of what he needs me to bring him (he’s flying in for a couple days and I’m driving up to meet up with him – then he goes back). He wants a camo uniform, he wants combat boots … Okay, the uniform is easy – it’s right in the box in the hallway waiting to be taken to storage. The combat boots, however, are in the attic. Or, buried in the closet (ya know, with all the ticks flyin’ around here). Hopefully I can find a pair for him soon.


  1. I *LOVE* combat boots… Infact, this weekend I just bought a new pair. I stopped wearing them for many years. I did feel they were very Mommy-ish, I guess. I’m tired of trying to be Mommy-ish though. I’m just me… with kids. LOL.

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