No Good, Very Bad Day

Well – honestly, it COULD be worse – but since I am in a bad mood I’m sure I am exaggerating a bit …

So, today for the first time I believe I left my bags sitting at the Wal-Mart checkout. I rang my stuff up and realized that the pants I had grabbed for Xander rang up for $16 and change. The BIG sign over the pants in the boys section said they were on sale for $13. I took my Adderall and had coffee this morning – I KNOW that sign was there. I grabbed the pants from right under the sign.

I told the checkout lady this (nicely, since I am usually in a good mood in the mornings) and she looked at me like I was nuts. She said – “no, they are $16” and I said “no, I swear I pulled them from under a sign that read $13”

She said “no, I don’t think so” so I said “well, um, could you please check on that?”

Three dollars isn’t a LOT of money – but dude, it’s THREE DOLLARS!

So, she wanders over to someone and asks them to go look. The person wanders to the back of the store and then comes back and says “no.” I was irritated but I was still thinking of getting the pants because Xander NEEDS dark pants for tomorrow. But, the cashier was then wandering around the checkout area looking at the tag on the pants mumbling. WTF? I say – “so, I imagined the sign?” and I get a confused look.

So I say – “just forget it – I’m going to Target where they have actual customer service!”

I walked out – leaving the diapers, gel inserts for my sneakers, milk and box of tissues at the checkout. I do feel bad because the only reason I had the tissues was because I NEEDED one – I had opened the box and grab two tissues out. I actually feel really bad about that now. Which makes me mad because seriously? So sure, I was wrong because I opened the box and then left it there. But customer service is severely LACKING at that Wal-Mart. Hell, MOST Wal-Marts (sorry Mom!)

I need to STOP going to Wal-Mart. I need to just check out the darn grocery stores that are local. I hate the fact that Wal-de-Mart is right across the main street. I wish Target was closer. They might charge a little more but the store is so much better.

So, um … if you happen to purchase a box of Wally brand tissues at the Pearl City store and it’s missing a couple tissues I apologize.

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