My Kid Rolls Old School

Not to sound biased or anything – but my kids were rather awesome this Halloween.

My 2 year old – who is in LOVE with anything Minnie Mouse – was Minnie for Halloween as well. I bought the costume back in September when I saw it at Wal-Mart and I am GLAD I did. It was a little small – but that was the ONLY Minnie costume they had. So, thankfully, she’s petite.

On the other side – my seven year old – who is currently OBSESSED with Zelda / Link (as well as Mario, Luigi and several Pokemon) dressed as Link this year. He was Link a couple years ago also; but this year he got a fully homemade costume (from fabric not a cut pillowcase), a sword and a shield (the Hylean Shield to be exact).

The costume came out fantastic thanks to the directions posted by a lady named TR Rose on her Meow About Cosplay website (link).

Her photos and breakdown of how she created HER costume made it super easy to create my son’s costume. Now, mind you I haven’t sewn in a WHILE – so mine was no where NEAR as nice as hers. But, I still was pretty darn proud of myself!

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