Motrin 800 is Love

With all the darn drugs I am taking to knock out this awful cold & cough I have you would think perhaps there would be something for a headache involved? Nope! No such luck! So, I slept the day away after Xander and I got home from the playgroup kids Christmas party because I had a head splitting migraine. Yes – ALL DAY. I felt as though someone was taking a knife to my head right between my eyes. The only thing that made it tolerable was sleep. Then, when I realized my family would absolutely STARVE without me (yeah, right) I said – eff it I’m taking a Motrin. The only Motrin this chick has is Motrin 800 because you know, we’re a military family. You get Motrin 800 for everything around here. Nosebleed? Motrin 800! Appendectomy? Motrin 800? Just gave birth? Motrin 800! Gunshot wound to the lower glutes? Motrin 800! (Yeah, I think you go the point). So, since it works well for headaches – I took one. Within a 1/2 hour my headache was gone. Why the heck didn’t I take one earlier? Then at least I could’ve gotten stuff done today!

Aside from the headache the party was a lot of fun. Xander got a Moon Sand kit (thanks Erica!) and I bought my gift receiver some Color Wonder paper and markers. I’ve never bought it for Xander – news paper works just fine for us – but it looks pretty neat. I didn’t see anyone get any personalized books – but I did see lots of Littlest Pet Shop! There were a TON of kids there – it was pretty crowded, but I didn’t see much blood (only one!) and all the kids seemed to have a great time. That party marked my 1-year anniversary with the playgroup!


  1. You poor thing. I don’t know how you made it through the day, let alone through a party! Hugs.

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