Motivate Me

Pond in Alexandria Virginia - shot by ktylerconk

Pond in Alexandria Virginia - shot by ktylerconk

I seriously need more motivation I think. I keep cleaning the same spots in the house over and over again and I haven’t been getting anything else around here done! Upstairs in the loft still needs work (and potentially some new office chairs even!) and the kitchen needs to have the table moved out (no room) and the gates put back up (damn dog goes through the trash). Xander’s room needs to be cleaned, our room needs to be cleaned the bathrooms need to be cleaned (are you sensing a pattern here?) … Yada, yada, yada …

But – as usual, I’ve been in a “funk” this past week. No reason why – just wanna sleep. I adore Autumn – but I think the quick change weather up here (and gray skies) are bumming me out. If I could just get organized and get the house clean (and get some help around here – are you listening husband o’mine??) then I think I’d feel better.

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