More Laptop Desires

I keep dreaming about a pink laptop. If not pink then silver, with some pink sticker something on the top 😉 I’m way too much a girly-girl … I was griping because all laptops (and computers for that matter) come with Vista, which, while a cool operating system – it’s NEW – so it’s bound to have some bugs. I spent the better part of the first six months to a year when XP came out downloading updates. Such is life I suppose. My friend Bianka warned me that Vista also loves to ask “Are you sure you want to do …” a million times. I remember that from the Mac vs. PC commercials also. But, my firewall (Zone Alarm) does it a million times. So, I guess I might have to deal with it TWO million times with the two of them. I also worry that my new printer (HP Photosmart Pro B8350) and my old printer (HP 2175v All in One) won’t work with Vista (although, according to their website – drivers are available for both! Yay!)

Darn, I think that printer issue may have been the only thing holding me back, lol …

Not sure if I will be getting an HP or a Dell … I’ve always had HP’s (other then the “ATB Original” I have now, which hubby made). They are both great companies.

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