Mood .. What A Mood!

The Boys @ Fort Macon

I hate being in a funk … I have been in a funk ALL DAY LONG today. What made it worse was that Xander was also … Blah! We did visit the park and meet up with friends today though, which made the day a little nicer. Xander was having a ton of fun on the swing – screeching and everything! He loves to swing, he’s so funny to watch. He smiles and laughs just like his daddy 🙂

After the park we went to Publix so I could get toilet paper and whatever else I could find. I’m on a mad hunt for mini Mason Jars … I ended up getting the TP, some 3 for $5 Gatoraide and some buy one – get one free Macaroni and Cheese. I also picked up the new Mojito drinks from Bacardi. They are chilling in my fridge right now. I love Mojito’s …. so hopefully these ready-made drinks do the original justice.

Ordered Chinese food for dinner to quell both my hunger and my funk. I feel better already. Especially since I got paid around $35 today for some blogs I did awhile back. I love selling out 😉

Ps. Uploaded some trip pics from North Carolina. The picture above was taken at Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach.


  1. What a cute little boy you have!

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