Mommy Bloggers! Check Out SocialSpark!!

I know some people think it’s “selling out” but – I do some paid blogging and reviews in order to be able to stay home with my kid. The extra money is nice and honestly, I give pretty full closure when I do a paid post. I make at least a couple extra hundred dollars a month, which helps me pay off my credit cards a little faster and have that extra money for my son and I to do some cool things during the day (like visit the zoo, buy a season pass to the Aquarium and make a monthly trip to Chuck E Cheese).

Since November of last year I have been blogging for PayPerPost. The pickings have gotten a little slimmer since” Scroogle” decided to strip my page rank – but, not all is lost. Izea, the company behind PPP has come out with its brand new social marketing network called SocialSpark. SocialSpark is still in invite-only Alpha testing (which I was so, so lucky to get invited to) but it’s already promising to be way better then PPP ever was with some awesome added bonuses! First off, it’s like a social network – so you can have a friends list and be able to “talk” with potential advertisers. It’s a more personal experience.

Plus, SocialSpark has the REQUIREMENT of full disclosure! So you can be sure that you know when you are reading paid or sponsored content. You have the option of doing paid posts or blog “sponsoring” (which entails a popup when you first visit and an ad bar at the bottom of the blog). They also provide “Sparks” which are ideas for blog posts you can do when you run out of ideas.

I’m really excited about SocialSpark – really excited! I’m excited to able to stay at home with my son and STILL be able to bring in some extra money. It’s awesome for my fellow “Mommy Bloggers” who blog anyway about things they love like products, and other websites – why not get paid for some advertising? Check it out, play around with the social networking side of the site and just see how much you can make!

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  1. I agree with you! SocialSpark has SOOOO much potential and I am really glad I’m apart of it! Glad to see there too:)

    Lori’s last blog post..That 70’s Kitchen

  2. huh! i got an email from social spark about an invitation. i was going to spam it since i didn’t know what it was. glad you blogged about it! i still don’t really get it, but i’ll join just in case it ends up being useful. 🙂 i’m not completely sold on the whole blogging for money idea…i feel like i’m cheapening my writing or selling out my blogs and friends. must just be me, since it seems like the whole blogging world is into it! 🙂

    what happened with lj?

    annie’s last blog post..Tweet tweet!

  3. btw, i wanted to add that i very rarely think other bloggers are selling out. there are a few who make it obvious the whole reason they’re blogging is to earn money so you feel kind of used reading them. very few, though. anyway, most everyone else, you included, i really don’t notice the paid blogging and don’t care when do. its just when i think about doing it myself that i get odd about it.

    annie’s last blog post..Tweet tweet!

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