Miss Missing-from-the-Net

Yes, I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately from the internet. I’ve been busy either cleaning the house, attending school, attending to the needs of mi familia or … well … asleep. I went to be around 9:30pm last night. The night before was 9:00pm. I’m not used to getting up at 6am every day (well, Monday – Thursday). It’s making me sleepy thinking about it. Oh, I’ve been pretty absorbed in the final “Twilight” series book – “Breaking Dawn.” I’m about half-way through now.

So, yeah … at least you know where I’ve been then. Away! I’m trying to manage my time between work on the ‘net and “Real Life” … Hopefully, the two will merge soon.

I have two classes this term, one is College Orientation which is more like a “lets get your ready to kick ass at school and in turn get a job” class. It works. The teacher is super nice and very interesting. The other class I have is Introduction to Operating Systems – or rather, lets teach you the very very basics of using Windows. Blah … At least I like the teacher a lot – she doesn’t drone and knows that this information is pretty basic.

I sit in the front of both classes … AND I take an incessant amount of notes. Yeah, I’m an overachiever. So sue me. I do enjoy being back at school though. I have a little guilt about leaving Xander at my friends house (they play school with her other kids .. it’s quite sweet).

Anyway …. I hope to post more now that I’m getting more used to my schedule. 😉


  1. Christine says:

    Hey! It’s me from school! *waves* I found your active blog, so just wanted to say hi! I’m working hard on our project and such. But just wanted to let you know I looked around. I friended you on livejournal, which is my own active blog.

  2. You’re missed in the online world and “real life” too. I think it’s great that you’re going to school though I’ll admit that I’m a little sad that I’ll hardly see you at any playgroup meetings. You know, the one I joined just so I could stalk you. Hello! 😉 So yeah, if you’re ever in need of something to do on your days off I have a pretty clean schedule.

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