Me and My Damn Self Esteem Issues

I have issues (but ya’ll knew that already). So, I took a photo with someone today and when I was looking at it I realized how FAT I have gotten! Isn’t that awful? I mean, just in the past couple months it happened. I realize I’ve been dealing with a lot lately – but hot damn girlfriend! Stress makes me antsy which makes me eat. Stress also makes me break out so I’ve been having some “zit issues” lately and am in dire need of some acne treatments!

Ugh!! And my husband today goes – so I really liked your pinup shots, when do I get to see that outfit in person – and I go – omg dear, I feel like SOOOOO gross lately!! NO!!!!!!!!

My poor husband. His wife needs a serious makeover. Well, she really just needs to take her damn Zoloft every DAY and not FORGET, it might just maker her happier!

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